Executive Board
The Executive Board meets at least every two months & determines the policy of FAAB. The Board consists of 15 members who are representative for the community (nationality, gender, age,…)

Members of the current board:

- Dhr.  Kwaku Boamah Acheampong –President(Ghana Council vzw)

- Mevr. Maureen Duru-Vice President (The Food Bridge vzw)

- Mevr. Jane Ura-General Secretary (African Diaspora For Freedom of Religion)

- Mevr. Vivian N. Masango-Assistant Secretary(Kupe Muanenguba Union Belgium vzw-Cameroon)

- Dhr. Kristopher Uyi Guobadia-Financial Secretary (Parliamentary Club Nigeria)

- Dhr. Lawerence Abagnaba-Assistant Financial Secretary ( Northern Ghanaians Association in Belgium)

- Mevr. Violette P.Kabwe-Regional Coordinator Antwerp(Angolo Community Development Center-Kenya)

- Dhr. Bernard Nana Kyei-Regional Coordinator Antwerp ( Wassaman Association Antwerp)

- Dhr. Christopher Fynn Dodoo-Regional Coordinator Brussels Gewest (Mfanseman Association)

- Mevr. Thoko Nkonyane– Executive Member(Onafhankelijk bestuurslid)

- Dhr. Benedict Mayuku Executive Member (CAAD vzw)

- Mevr. Vivian Ibekwe Executive Member (Otu Umu Nwanyi Igbo)

- Dhr. Opio Robson- Executive member (Ugandans & Friends Community in Belgium)

- Mevr. Comfort Gyarteng-Executive Member ( High Society)

Management Team
The Management Team consists of the president, vice-president, two board members and the coordinator of the Federation. The meet on a regular basis and are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Federation. They report to the Executive Board.

The staff of the Federation meets every two weeks to discuss the current affairs.


BRUSSELS: 02 2188446
GHENT: 0483 355906
ANTWERP. 03 6772610

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