-       Assist in your organization in all its administrative issues: constitution drawing, vzw registration and other formalities, tax form filling, project application,…

-       Provide training on meeting techniques, minutes taking, bookkeeping,… FAAB designed several model workshops. Associations can request the FAAB staff to come and give one of these free workshops.  

-       Link your organization to the Flemish and Belgian Government Ministries

-       Provide relevant information on jobs, education, health, housing……..

-       Provide a forum for discussions on all relevant issues affecting the African community

-       Serve as the mouthpiece for the African associations & community

-       Serve as contact and focal point to all stakeholders interested in African community matters

-       Help organize cultural activities to promote the African image in Belgium

-       Assist in organizing activities: in finding venues for activities of your organization; in finding capable experts or speakers

-       Assist in the integration and emancipation process of Africans in Belgium (e.g. direct community members to Belgian services/partners – VDAB, CLB, Huis van het Nederlands,…)

-       Link associations to relevant partner associations& other member associations

-       Publication of activities on FAAB website & mailing


Free workshops offered by FAAB: on demand

Healthy living

Bookkeeping and finance

Pc for dummies


Vzw registration & obligations

Language activities

For more info on these workshops you can contact one of the staff members




BRUSSELS: 02 2188446
GHENT: 0483 355906
ANTWERP. 03 6772610

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