FAAB stands for Federation of Anglophone Africans in Belgium. It is the National Federation representing the Anglophone African Community and its associations in Belgium.FAAB is a registered non-profit organisation with offices in Brussels, Antwerp & Ghent.
FAAB is officially recognised by the Flemish Ministry, Department of Culture & by the Brussels Government – Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC),Department of Culture.
FAAB is an umbrella organization, that co-ordinates and facilitates all the activities which will enhance and promote the welfare and well being of all Anglophone Africans. It serves also as a catalyst to encourage the emancipation, empowerment, integration, and participation of Anglophone Africans in the Belgian society.


BRUSSELS: 02 2188446
GHENT: 0483 355906
ANTWERP. 03 6772610

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